Society Garlic

Society Garlic - ( Tulbaghia violacea )

Society Garlic - (Tulbaghia violacea)

Basic Information: Society garlic is a beautiful little plant that does very well right here in Ormond and Daytona. Indigenous to southern Africa (KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Province), and reportedly naturalized in Tanzania and Mexico. Society Garlic is actually a member of the onion family and has a distinct onion like smell when cut or disturbed. 

Planting Information: Society Garlic makes a great accent plant and  generally is used in small clumps. This plant will do fine in zones 9 or higher so it is ideal for use here in Volusia county and most of Central Florida. Although, as with most plants in this area keep winter frost in mind. Plants should be spaced roughly 12-18" apart and are often attractive in clumps of 3, 5, 7 and so on. Try to keep plantings in odd numbers as this creates a more natural look. The stalks on this plant are tall and thin allowing them to be used in front of larger shrubs and plants. The bottom of the plant has a beautiful grassy look giving it great ground covering characteristics. This plant does have a tendency to fill in so you may end up with a fuller look. The stalks are about 18-24" in height and have about seven to 20 purple flowers on them. This makes for a very attractive look that will help lead the eye to larger landscape behind, it makes for a great transition.


Orange Bulbine

Bulbine - ( Bulbine   frutescens )

Bulbine - (Bulbine frutescens)

Basic Information: According to the University of Florida Orange Bulbine is a South African native and is a perfect perennial for Florida since it tolerates hot temperatures, dry and sandy soils, and blooms throughout the warm months. Bulbine was named a 2006 Plant of the Year by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association.

Orange Bulbine Ormond.jpg

Planting Information: This plant has many of the same planting characteristics of Society Garlic, however, is slightly more cold hardy and can survive temperatures into the low 20's. This plant is quite happy in zones 9-11 meaning it will definitely do well on the coast of Ormond and Daytona. Much like Society Garlic the planting information is the same. Plants should be spaced roughly 12-18" apart and clump well. Interestingly propagation of this plant is done through division of the plants roots as this common cultivar produces sterile seeds."Deadheading" the flowers is not required, however, it will promote new growth of flowers. This plant make an excellent transition piece and is easy to care for! To the right you can see Orange Bulbine used as ground cover in Ormond by the Sea. This is an excellent use of this cultivar for a small landscape job in Ormond. It should be noted that these plants looks very happy and healthy in this location.

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African Iris

African Iris.jpg

Basic Information: Afr

Planting Information: