Lawn Maintenance

Greenway is your best solution to a relaxing weekend. Why kill yourself outside messing with the lawn when you could be doing other things? Greenway has what it takes to keep your yard looking beautiful without you having to lift a finger. We use commercial grade equipment to achieve a professional look that will make you the envy of your neighborhood.

At Greenway we can do everything from simply keeping your grass trimmed and neat to full service yard maintenance. We offer reliable and consistent service throughout the year to keep your outdoor space maintained. Different seasons in Florida have different challenges when caring for your property. Let Greenway handle those challenges for you.


Greenway isn't just mow, blow and go! We offer a full line of  other services. We exclusively offer annual lawn care to keep your yard looking great throughout the year. Greenway comes on a consistent basis year round and bills monthly.

Our use of technology, including CRM and invoicing software ensures great customer service. This is something we take very seriously and sets us apart from our competition. You won't have to track us down or call 50 times for a response. We know you may have experienced that with other lawn services and we promise that won't happen here! Call us now to see what Greenway can do for you. 386-323-7775

How Our service works

We offer annual lawn maintenance. This means we keep your yard looking great year round with regular scheduled visits throughout the year. In the warmer months the frequency is higher to keep grass cut and looking great. Our equipment is well maintained and ready to keep up with the demands of a hot Florida summer. As "winter" sets in we still continue to keep your property maintained. When temperatures drop grass begins to slow its growth. In Central Florida our soil never reaches the temperature where St. Augustine grass goes dormant. This means your yard grows year round. Just because it's chilly out doesn't mean you won't see us. We will be there consistently to keep you and your yard happy.

We do not offer a per cut service. We feel this is very important for many reasons, most importantly is keeping your yard in beautiful shape. However, there can be other issues when you use a company that offers per cut service. Many of these issues relate to poor customer service, sub par results and billing issues.


Our Deluxe lawn service

Everything you need to keep your grass looking great all year long.

Mow: We use great high quality commercial equipment to keep your yard in tip top shape. We keep our blades sharp to make sure your yard stays clean cut and healthy. Greenway also knows what it takes to properly cut and maintain your lawn. This is not always as simple as it sounds. Lawns have different needs and vary widely from one to another.

Weed Eat: Our equipment is hungry for weeds! We make sure that the grass along the fence is trimmed just like the little weeds poking up by the lamp post.

Edge: Again we use commercial equipment to ensure a quality result. It is important to maintain edge throughout the year. This helps keep grass from intruding into beds or becoming overgrown and spreading out onto concrete. Not only does a nice edge keep your property looking great but it prevents more yard work down the road.

Blow: This is the icing on the cake. Ever drive through your neighborhood and see a beautiful yard with grass all over the driveway? We have and it's not great. We make sure that when we leave your property it looks amazing.



Extras that make your property look awesome throughout the year.

Shrub & Hedge Trimming: Let Greenway maintain your shrubs and hedges. On a continual basis when we visit, we will keep you bushes tidy and clean. Don't let your bushes get out of control or even worse get to a point where they are beyond help. Add this service to your lawn care to get great results.

Routine Scheduled Weeding: We can help keep the weeds back before they get out of control. While additional, more large scale weeding may be needed throughout the year we can get weeds as they pop up through rocks and mulch beds.

Commercial Property maintenance

We have what it takes to keep your commercial space looking great!

Greenway is licensed and insured. We have what it takes to keep your commercial property maintained year round. Greenway understands that you have a lot to worry about running your business and how the shrubs look or whether or not the grass got cut shouldn't be one of them. Let us keep an eye on things and keep you informed about the state of your property. Greenway is more than just reliable lawn service. We offer excellent customer service, consistent billing with state of the art cloud based CRM software and reliable accounting.