A few reasons to Keep Your Palm Trees Trimmed


We were out doing some landscaping in Ormond last week when we got to talking about the things that live in palm trees. Not just palm trees but saw palmettos and scrub as well. If you’ve been noticing some creatures around the house this is likely where they live. One of the best ways to get rid of them is to get rid of where they live. By simply cleaning up over growth you can avoid calling the pest control guy or freaking yourself out when a 5’ rat snake goes slithering by.

We were doing some work for a home owner that was getting ready to sell their house. The home owner felt there was a lot of overgrowth in her front yard. There were saw palmettos hadn’t been trimmed in years and there were some queen palms that needed trimming as well. As we got down to work I started grabbing at brush and fronds not thinking when one of our crew members reminded me what things live in these places. I thought what a great thing to write about.

These palms are like condos for roaches, palmetto bugs, spiders, snakes etc. love this stuff. Trimming palms is a great way to help control the population in your yard. Keeping palms trimmed especially in Volusia is a great way to keep them out of the house. Think about the name “palmetto bug” where do you suppose they live? A great way for these guys to get into your home is via palm fronds that are resting against your house. Another problem is the things like to eat the pests. Yeah, it’s pretty much like the Lion King in your front yard, circle of life and all.

Rat snake climbing straight up a palm tree to get some lunch. Very creepy to see in person.

Rat snake climbing straight up a palm tree to get some lunch. Very creepy to see in person.

So naturally, next comes the bigger stuff. Lizards will live in this scrub around the house. These guys move in to eat the bugs that are thriving just outside your front door. Rodents will hunt lizards, roaches and other insects for protein. If you have citrus or a leaky faucet outside forget it, these guys are around in some capacity. Debris removal and cleanup can help this problem. General lawn cleanup my help but often more is really needed.

Finally, you have the things that eat the rats and the mice. Snakes of varying types love this type of habitat. If you have slight hanging fronds from say a queen palm you will want to have these trimmed. Rodents will nest in the leaf litter that accumulates here and snakes know where to find them. Yup, they can climb vertically right up a palm tree. Trimming and keeping palms tidy is the best way to deal with this.

All of these things should be handled by landscape professionals such as Greenway landscape. Trimming saw palmettos and palm trees can be risky business even if you have been a long time Daytona area resident. Most palms have some sort of defense mechanism built in such as sharp spiky thorns. Still there can be poisonous insects and snakes lurking in the brush. We have the equipment and know how to deal with this. So if you live in Volusia counties and are dealing with this give us a call. We can clean up that overgrowth for you right away!